Ray Volpe Shows His Vulnerable Side on “All Emotion Allowed” EP

Bass maestro Ray Volpe displays a softer side on his new EP “All Emotion Allowed”. A two-track testament to the complex and often heart-wrenching facets of love. Brimming with emotional lyrics and atmospheric, futuristic melodies. “All Emotion Allowed” is a vastly different venture compared to Volpe‘s EP “No Emotion Allowed” earlier this year.

On the first track “Without You,” featuring dual vocals by Devin & LydiaVolpe explores a complicated and bittersweet breakup story of boy-loves-girl and girl-cares-but-not-in-that-way. Afterwards, the tables are turned on “Worth a Try” with Aviella, and it’s the girl who returns to fight for love.

All Emotion Allowed” will appeal not to just bass fans. But to anyone who appreciates experimental, groovy vibes and has ever experienced any form of heartbreak. Press play on “All Emotion Allowed” anytime you need a good hit in the feels.

Ray Volpe may only be 21 old, but he did already well on his way to becoming a force to be reckoned with in electronic music. The American producer has built his reputation by creating bass-centric dancefloor anthems. While cultivating a sound that some consider the revival of dubstep for the modern day.

After supporting artists like Borgore and Volpe launched his own debut headline tour for “No Emotion Allowed“. Moreover, blasting off into a new realm of success. He also delivered official, heavy-hitting remixes for , and . The different sound displayed on “All Emotion Allowed” shows the Volpe is a master of his craft with diverse sound potential, leaving what he’ll come up with next a mystery.

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