ANGELZ Has Your Party Playlist Covered with “Saint Thug III” EP

Not even a week after leaking the track “Letter After F” in anticipation of his annual EPANGELZ has just unleashed his full “Saint Thug III” project. Totaling five grimy dancefloor tracks, “Saint Thug III” infuses ANGELZ‘s iconic G-house sound with bouncy tech house and wicked rap vocals. From the raunchy bedroom anthem “How to Leave,” to the funky bass of “Scarface,” to the catchy vocal hooks of “Yeah Yeah,” ANGELZrelentlessly lays down the dynamic production that has always set him apart from the crowd. 

ANGELZeffortlessly treads the lines between the big club and underground sounds, catering to both UK garage and hip-hop fans. Whether it's time to hit the gym or the dance floor, “Saint Thug III” is your new go-any time a situation needs turned up a notch. While his previous two EPs were released on ‘s label ConfessionANGELZ is self-releasing the “Saint Thug III” EP on his imprint Maison Sainte.

Though it's been since he coined his own version of G-house

ANGELZ once again proves that the only place he's going is up. Just press play on “Saint Thug III” to see for yourself. 

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The Quebec City native known as ANGELZ may be one of the most prominent tastemakers of g and tech house. Though his first foray into music was well removed from the spotlight.

As a ghostwriter for Def Jamearly in his career, ANGELZ spent his time making hit records . But always longed to put his own spin on the traditional sounds of hip-hop and rap. Enter his introduction to house music, which lead to his breakthrough hit “Hey Girl” on Tchami‘s label ConfessionANGELZ then went on to release several hit tracks on Confession, including “Devils” and “Love Language” with Tchami himself.

Since bursting onto the scene in 2015, ANGELZ has held both fans and industry tastemakers alike captivated with his sound. Moreover amassing over 12 million streams on SoundcloudSpotify and YouTube combined. Following the release of the “Saint Thug III” EPANGELZ is embarking on his third tour of Australia & New Zealand, where he's had a devoted fan base since the beginning of his career. For those of you across the globe, cross your fingers for more ANGELZ appearances very soon! 

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