Nicky Romero and Steve Aoki Collaborate for Double Remix Swap

Dance music titans Nicky Romero and Steve Aoki have collaborated on an epic remix swap of their respective tracks “Me On You” and “Lie to Me.” Producing two remixes each, Romero and Aoki have provided you with versions of each hit track to suit every mood and occasion. 

Nicky‘s progressive remix of Steve‘s “Lie to Me” turns the track into a cinematic, big-room anthem that will make hearts soar, while his acid version delivers hard-hitting electro synths and plenty of percussion. For his part, Steve Aoki‘s “Vibes Are Everything” remix of Nicky Romero and Taio Cruz‘s sultry hit “Me On You” is perfect for the easygoing last days of summertime. 

Aoki then turns things up a notch with the “Double Time Fun Time” remix, daring you to dance with a bouncy and energetic bassline. Nicky Romero and Steve Aoki have recently fused their sounds on “Be Somebody” ft. Kiiara (out on September 7th via Ultra Records) as well as the remixes, delighting fans around the globe as they joined forces. Keep your fingers crossed for more high octane collaborations from these two! 

LabelProtocol Recordings Ultra Records

Nicky Romero has progressed from being a young, musical wunderkind to an absolute force to be reckoned with. As a DJ, producer, and mogul whose label is at the forefront of modern electronic dance music. 

Romero‘s resume is an impressive and lengthy string of hits includes iconic originals and collaborations with many artists. Moreover including AviciiCalvin HarrisNERVOZEDD and more. Through the constant evolution of his sound and reinvestment in emerging artists, 
Nicky has proved his ability to evolve with the ever-changing landscape of electronic music. 

Steve Aoki has been making waves (and smashing cakes) in the industry for more than two decades. Becoming one of the most successful producers and music executives of commercial dance music.

Nicky leverages his production prowess by raising up promising talent on his label Protocol Recordings. While Aoki does the same with his imprint and lifestyle brand Dim Mak. Stay tuned as Romero and Aoki continue to build their empires one track at a time! 

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