MOGUAI & RAUMAKUSTIK - The Greatest Speech

MOGUAI & Raumakustik reveal The Greatest Speech

DJ/producer MOGUAI and fellow German act Raumakustik bring a ray of light to nowadays dance music audience with their passionate new single ‘The Greatest Speech‘. Featuring The Great Dictator, this is a dance record that not only delivers incredible feelgood rhythms, but also one of the most notorious and inspirational speeches in movie history.

For both acts, this record underlines their intention to bring a positive message with their music. Love and companionship with fellow humans is what's important, and most needed these days – for years already these have also been the key elements of the dance music community.

As (dance) music transcends everything that might separate people from each other, the speech incorporated in this brand new single perfectly reflects what fraternization is about:

“Being a touring DJ, I travel the world and meet people of every culture and religion. There is so much to learn from one another and I find so often we really are all alike in our ultimate goals of being happy, feeling accepted and understood by those around us.  What's happening in the world right now worries me a lot. What can I do? I'm only an entertainer. My only weapon to fight against this hate is my music. The incredible Speech written by Charlie Chaplin for ‘The Great Dictator' in 1940, for me is one of the most powerful speeches ever written, the message is still relevant after so many years. Please listen and think about it.” – MOGUAI

“With all of our life, our work – and especially with our music – we want fight for respect and peace. We know, there is so much hate, war, terrorism and too many dictators – but: ‘You will not have my hate!' (Antoine Leiris, his wife died in Bataclan).” – Raumakustik

Recent DJ support shows the message of love is getting shared all over the world, including the likes of Annie Mac, , Tocadisco, , , , Yotto and more.

MOGUAI & Raumakustik – ‘The Greatest Speech' (feat. The Great Dictator) is out now on Spinnin' Deep.

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