icekream - Night Feel EP

Emirati producer icekream delivers 5-track ‘Night Feel EP’

Lacing his productions with an outlandish blend between hip-hop, and more electronic-focused tones, charismatic producer Issam ‘icekream' Freiha has unveiled his brand-new EP, a 5-track delivery titled ‘Night Feel EP'.

Veering into experimental realms, the EP is both contemporary, and ripe with experience. Encapsulating the sounds of both East and West, the production is made in collaboration with long-time friend Majeed, as the two peddle their penchant for a deep synthwave sound across tracks like ‘Moulin Rouge' and ‘No Discussion'. With ‘Bellini's' offering a slice of the rippling aggression that offers a snippet into 's more hip-hop leaning roots.

Majeed and I find we have a solid musical connection that translates well into the vibe of our music,” adds icekream. “He is a true artist and he appreciates my production skills, so there is a harmony in our collaborations. The EP took us about three months, he would send me his vocals and I would in turn send him my beats and we would do a mash-up of the two and play around with it until we got it right.

Growing up in France, icekream was exposed to the EDM scene from an early age, with the electronic revolution led by acts such as Daft Punk approaching fever-pitch levels during his youth. Inspired by a vast array of acts, from Jamiroquai, to , via , Michael Jackson, and Eminem, the UAE-based producer's ‘icekream' alias was first born through a mispronunciation of his own name, Issam.

“Music production is the ideal means to express myself,” adds icekream. “Nothing gives me more satisfaction. Although, truth be told, it took me a decade to figure out that making music was not just a passion, but a career I could pursue professionally,”

It was that fearless passion and taste for an experimental sound which was noticed by the two-time Grammy Award winning duo Cool & Dre, who signed icekream to their record label. icekream'sNight Feel EP' is out now, embodying his rich, and silky signature style. Stream/buy it here.


01 La Connexion

02 Truth

03 Moulin Rouge

04 No Discussion

05 Bellini's

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