Jubel Festival

Countdown to Jubel Festival for European Democracy!

A first-year warm up of Jubel Festival: Democracy and conversation festivals are embedded in the Nordic and Baltic countries' DNA, where some of them have been growing for over 50 .

Every year citizens, civil society organisations, public institutions and also politicians come together for a democratic experience with dozens of events, happenings, debates, forums, cultural activities and games organized. These are places where all sorts of topics can be addressed in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Revitalize, re-think and re-design the European participatory democracy. To make it stronger and fit to handle the world challenges of tomorrow.

The Jubel Festival wants to propose an innovative approach in engaging a dialogue with citizens about their concrete concerns and proposals regarding European democracy and the functioning of the European Union. The Jubel Festival wants to identify alternative methodologies to consult and dialogue with citizens.

The core question at the heart of the “Jubel European Democracy Festival” is: how to strengthen democracy in Europe, identify European citizens' priorities, concerns and ideas for the EU's future and their place in this future?

The festival wants to contribute, by means of a bottom-up approach, to the idea of citizen consultations. Launched by French president Macron and endorsed by his fellow heads of state and government, as well as the consolidated initiative of the European Commission, with the help of a structured output about the future of the European democratic project and the current functioning of the European Union.

The Jubel Festival wants to be something completely different than anything that has been seen so far under the European sky and Viralbpm wants to be a part of it. In expression, content, crowd and – of course – music. Explore more here.

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