Above & Beyond's Rocket Science

Above & Beyond’s Rocket Science on Anjunabeats

Crafting a record that ignites festivals dancefloors worldwide? Well, it's not brain surgery. It is, however, Above & Beyond‘s Rocket Science on Anjunabeats.

Debuted for 23 000 fans at the Gorge Amphitheater last September, Above & Beyond present their latest, inimitable formulation for dancefloor propulsion. Tweaked and tinkered in the rarefied air of their London studio, Propulsion Labs predict the track will achieve the optimal angle for atmospheric re-entry on September 7. 

Above & Beyond's Rocket Science will touch down in time for Jono, Tony and Paavo's Group Therapy 300 in Hong Kong. The main event at AsiaWorld-Expo will be broadcast live on Above & Beyond's Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Twitch with mainland able to enjoy the livestream on Netease. FM Radio stations worldwide will carry the vibe to millions around the world. Get your tickets to ABGT 300 here.

Dance music… it's not rocket science, unless it is. Listen to Above & Beyond's Rocket Science on Anjunabeats below. 

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