Bassjackers & Sunstars - Block

Bassjackers & Sunstars – Block via Spinnin’ Records

Dutch DJ and producer duo Bassjackers and Italian trio Sunstars join forces building their massive new tune ‘Block' via Spinnin' Records. & – Block is a gloomy pounding 90's infused beat and vocal opens up the track, layered with an intense build up preparing for the explosive drop.

Furthermore, forceful beats and sharp synth stabs create a bursting power. They are alternated with light sweet piano chords twirling around a sturdy beat. Finally, ‘Block' is blazing and , making sure every crowd will go crazy!

For Sunstars really stand out with their high quality producing work & fresh sound! That's what got us excited to work with them and we both got the chance to twist our sounds a bit more than we are used to“, Bassjackers say and continue: “We love the result, it has got that funky, bouncy vibe, but in the meantime it delivers that energy we love with the right amount of aggressiveness. The perfect blend between club & festival if you ask us. Plus we experienced it goes well into your workout playlist as well! 😉“.

We are so stoked for ‘Block' with Bassjackers. We've followed them since their release ‘Mush Mush' in 2011 on Tiesto's Musical Freedom! Having the chance to collaborate with the guys is a dream coming true!” Sunstars state.

Listen to Bassjackers & Sunstars – Block below or buy/stream it here and tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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