Salvatore Ganacci

Salvatore Ganacci drops “Kill A Soundboy” on Zatara

Having established his own label Zatara RecordingsSalvatore Ganacci lands a new track on his imprint to hit things up. Titled “Kill A Soundboy” featuring Nailah Blackman, the Bosnian-born Swedish DJ and producer adds a pop dancefloor killer to his production pallet, including his collaboration with Major Lazer‘s Jillionaire called “Fresh” or with Axwell & Ingrosso, Pusha T and Silvana Imam on “Can't Hold Down.”

He is known for his unique dancing style on stages of various festivals, such as Tomorrowland.  delivers monumental performances that are absolute show-stoppers; nothing short of a headline grabbers. With a personal beat ahead of his time, Salvatore has uniquely succeeded in making his own twist on the modern EDM genre.

Salvatore Ganacci aka Emir Kobilic started DJ around 2005, along with his friend Jiar; the latter is also known under the name Garmiani. A couple of years later, 2007, he started his first own club on Satin, which was next to Järntorget. Later on he was enrolled by 's to his label Refune Music and his career begun flourishing.

Stream/Buy “Kill A Soundboy” here and listen to… legend van Tomorrowland's track below. Don't forget to tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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