Highly Sedated - Revolution

Highly Sedated – Revolution lands on Size Records

For their next release on Size RecordsHighly Sedated have teamed up with the famous Swedish producer and artist Thomas Rusiak to present magnificent “Revolution”. Created last year in the Swedish forests, – Revolution took almost ten months to shape the way the band have imagined it.

We are glad that it is in Lithuania that we will be able to present “Revolution” by performing it live on the stage of the MAMA Summer Festival“, said Leonas Somovas from Highly Sedated in a press release. “The new single created last year in Swedish forests, where we spent a whole week. We were inspired by trip-hop music, something like Massive Attack. However, we strived for a new piece to reflect what kind of music we are listening to and who inspires our work“, he continued. Leonas Somovas remembered contacting the renowned Swedish rapper, hip-hop music producer, musician and singer, Tomas Rusiak, who helped Highly Sedated to record “Revolution”.

.@HSedated | Revolution | Aug 31

Presave on @Spotify here: https://t.co/oPzejAagow pic.twitter.com/rFBeYz6nGn

— sizerecords (@sizerecords) August 29, 2018

It took almost 10 months to find the sound we wanted“, Leonas Somovas said also about Highly Sedated – Revolution.

Previously, Swedish Electronica band Highly Sedated enlisted American DJ/producer Brennen Grey to rework their single ‘Burn'. Then Corey James & Anckarstrom for the high-tempo rendition of the band's self-titled track ‘Highly Sedated'; and enigmatic duo CYA to remix their fourth single ‘Last Call'; all released via Steve Angello's SIZE Records.

Highly Sedated is a Swedish electronica band formed in July 2015 consisting of Patrick RayVerner VestlundLeonas SomovasSebastian Dollinger and Hannes Söderlund. Moreover, Viralbpm caught with the guys for an exclusive interview when the they released their debut-album, ‘All We Have Is Now' via Steve Angello‘s prestigious label last year.

Find Highly Sedated – Revolution here and listen to it below. Don't forget to tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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