"Hope You Like Me" by SEBJAK & Özgür Can via Bibliothèque 

“Hope You Like Me” by SEBJAK & Özgür Can via Bibliothèque 

Bibliothèque Records has released a brand new summer track! “Hope You Like Me” by Sebjak & Özgür Can was available exclusively on Beatport. What's the story behind it?

When and decided to get together the intention was clear, they wanted to create something that you would like as more than just a friend. So what is something you would like as more than just a friend?

It could be a dessert, a plant, an unreasonably expensive sports car, a very trendy hat or a pair of Crocs. The two then suddenly remembered that they're music producers, so making a track together seemed like the best thing to do. So here it is, “Hope You Like Me”. And hopefully you'll like it as more than just a friend, if not that's okay with them too.

It seems like ‘Hope You Like Me' goes with pretty much anything and anyone. Grab a copy over at @beatporthttps://t.co/xNqpV11dAE pic.twitter.com/1teJpgh4Vl

— S E B J A K . (@sebjak) August 14, 2018

Özgür Can's most recent escapades include the release of “Parts Unknown” via Sebjak‘s Bibliothèque Records imprint, following his debut single “Fading” on the same label in 2017, after remixing Sebjak & Kiano's ‘Peace‘.

Stockholm-based talent Özgür Can has also delivered much successful tunes, such as “Number One” on Marcus Schossow‘s newly-established sub-label Code Black. Furthermore, fans of Code Red will not be strangers to Özgür Can and his darker sounds. He graced the imprint in late 2017 with a thundering two-track EP titled “Left 2 Dry“.

Now, listen to “Hope You Like Me” by SEBJAK & Özgür Can via Bibliothèque Records below and tell us your thoughts.

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