SHY Nodi - Complex

SHY Nodi – Complex: The Swedish/Bangladeshi songwriter delivers debut single [Video]

In a short space of time, SHY Nodi has established himself as one of the most exciting and in-demand songwriters of his generation, with more than 1 billion streams to his name. SHY Nodi – Complex is his debut single. It sees him step from the shadows to present himself to the world as an artist in his own right.

Furthermore, explaining the meaning behind his reflective debut single SHY Nodi – Complex, he explains, “A complex is something everybody has. It’s an insecurity born out of caring about what other people think. That insecurity can affect everything around you. Your every choice, until you get to the point that you can’t even recognize your true self.”

Moreover, the release is accompanied by an official video. It is directed by Hampus Hjellström, and shot on location in his parents’ hometown in Bangladesh.

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