Jauz - The Wise and The Wicked

Jauz – Super Fly is the final single ahead of his album release on 8/31

With just one week to go until the release of his massive debut artist album The Wise and The Wicked, Jauz presents the final advance single from the work; “Super Fly.” The track features the legendary German producer 666 and gives fans another intriguing taste of the dynamic album. “ – Super Fly” is funkified bass house packed with disordered synths. The track is featured in the fourth of the album (dubbed “The United”) that's described by Jauz as the middle ground between crazy club bangers and emotional experimental music. It perfectly illustrates the blend between the production stylings of The Wise and The Wicked.

The Wise and The Wicked is more than just an album, but a story of a distant future dystopia that resulted from the increasing threats to our society in our current day in age. The conceptual album is split into chapters, using the tracks and their order to tell the intense story of the dystopia dreamt up by Jauz himself.

The five chapters of the album consist of the battles between The Wise and The Wicked, which eventually results into the joint power; The United. “The Wise” represents those in the dystopia who inspire the masses by using intelligence and knowledge, and hope to find a cure for the ailing earth we live on with new groundbreaking technologies. “The Wicked” represents those who believe in full anarchism, using anger and aggressiveness to grow their ranks. The United represents those who are fueled by passion to create a better world. They have realized that this fight is not between two sides of humanity, but between all of humanity itself and everything that corrupted both sides into sinking our world deeper into darkness.

The full story will be told on August 31st with the release of the full album, The Wise and The Wicked. Check out the full album press release here and listen to Jauz – Super Fly below:

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