Tiesto - WOW

Tiesto – WOW via Musical Freedom

The living legend known as Tiesto is always working on the next big sound. For his next release Tiesto – WOW via his own imprint Musical Freedom he relied on the acid house and buzzsaw synth to create a truly unforgettable track.

The last time we heard new music from him was back in June when he released his epic remix of ’s “Happier.” Since then, fans around the world have been patiently waiting for new music from him.

Earlier this week, Tiesto took to social media to announce his new single “WOW.” And fortunately for us, we didn’t have to wait too long to hear his new anthem as it is officially out now. So stream the madness and grab the download below. Tiesto did not give himself a lot of time to make a statement as ‘WOW’ is only two and a half minutes in length.

“WOW” is out now!! 💣⚠️ Listen here: https://t.co/zqkHKHO1dp pic.twitter.com/FH5ThynNZp

— Tiësto (@tiesto) August 24, 2018

Therefore, he wastes no time dropping directly into the madness. There is no doubt that ‘WOW’ is a mainstage statement piece. It has all the elements to make a crowd lose their minds.

Check out the new record Tiesto – WOW below or stream/buy it here.

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