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Kaz James – Exclusive Interview With Greek-Italian Aussie Talent

Known for his off-the-cuff performances, whether playing the main stage or an underground warehouse, Kaz James is in it for the love of house music.The Greek-Italian Aussie, who’s been DJing since high school, was signed by Universal Records UK at the age of 21. Since then, has been globetrotting as both a DJ and producer; showcasing memorable performances all across the world from Berlin to New York, Holy Ship and even Glastonbury. 

For the last four years, he’s holding a residency at the world’s hottest beach club, Scorpios Mykonos, and has consistently led the way evolving the house music scene forward. In addition, if you’ve been lucky enough to experience one of his 10-hour marathon sets, especially at the spectacular Burning Man festival, you’ll understand why he was handpicked to be a resident for Nic Fanciulli’s much-loved Friday night party, We Are The Night. Fresh off his brand new track “Animal” on Dennis Ferrer’s label Objektivity and just before his release with Nick Morgan on Glasgow Underground, sat down with Viralbpm to talk about his 2018 residencies, latest tunes and many more!

V1. You’ve returned to the beautiful beach club Scorpios Mykonos in Greece this summer for the fourth consecutive year! It seems that you’re in love with our island! Since we’re based in Greece, tell us more about your experiences in our country and your residency so far!

: I really love the island the people the vibe. Scorpios is an amazing venue and I’m super grateful I get to play there each week. The island has come along way and I believe that has to do with the new generation of Greeks who are more opened minded to developing a place in a positive manner.

V2. Are there any plans to expand and grow your residency?

: I don’t think we can get any bigger we have around 3500 people in the venue on a Sunday. We are turning nearly 2000 people away because we are so busy. The residency is 22 Sunday’s, it’s a lot.

V3. What’s your favourite aspect about playing in Mykonos?

: I love that my shows are in the afternoon, early evening. It gives the vibe of the party a totally different dynamic. A lot of people are straight off the beach so it’s very relaxed and people are there to just experience the music and have fun.

V4. You’ve gained widespread recognition thanks to your vibrant sets and eclectic mixes. Is there any favorite moment or special memory you could share with us?

: There have been so many moments in my career it’s hard to pin down just one – I guess every time I’ve played Burning Man has been incredibly special – nothing really compares.But I work super hard and take pride in what I do and hopefully because of that people appreciate my work. But in saying that, I do what I do because I love what I do and I’m not overly worried what people think.

V5. Your latest new single ‘Animal’ is released on Dennis ’s label Objektivity, which is a first for you! How does it feel to be releasing on this acclaimed imprint?

: It’s super cool. I have always been a massive fan of the label they have always released great records so it’s an honour to be down with Objektivity. The funny thing is I actually met Dennis in Mykonos 16years ago. Seems we have been talking about Greece. I’m not sure if he would remember though but that’s where I first met him. It feels like things have gone full circle.

V6. Where did the inspiration come from for ‘Animal’? Do you go into the studio with an idea of what you want to produce?

Kaz James: I was just playing around in the studio in LA. Actually I was in Guy Gerber’s studio as he was out of town. He has this awesome Meletron keyboard that sounded crazy. I got super drunk with one of my best friends Nicky Van She and we started writing lyrics and simple chords. I then got one of my other best friends James Doman to lay down some strings and keys, and then the record really started to develop from there.

V7. You’ve got a really busy summer ahead of you with further releases on Glasgow Underground (w/ Nick Morgan “Paradise”), SAVED and Circus, what can we expect from these?

Kaz James: I’ve been working my ass off in the studio and I’m super happy with what the outcome has been so far. I think people will appreciate what I’ve made – well I hope so anyway haha!

V8. What else are you looking forward to this summer?

Kaz James: To be honest I’m so excited about releasing all my new music this summer I can’t wait. Also being back in Ibiza and Mykonos is something I always look forward to.

Mykonos has come along way and I believe that has to do with the new generation of Greeks who are more opened minded to developing a place in a positive manner.”

Kaz James


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