Bolier & Trobi - In The Water

Bolier & Trobi take a dive ‘In The Water’

Take a splash with this long anticipated collab between renowned producer Bolier and young buck Trobi. ‘In The ' is a strong deep house record that perfectly blends inventive rhythms and headstrong sounds with strong vocals and completely unique melody. Officially out now on Spinnin‘s main label.

So what happens when these two artists get together? A seasoned deep house aficionado in the one corner, a young upcoming producer with a knack for pop/dancehall vibes in the other…

Well, you get ‘In The Water', a refreshing blend of both acts' distinct sounds. The rhythms are smart and inventive, featuring out-of-the-box sounds and melodies, while bringing hot blooded vocals and a chorus that will get dance floors shaking for sure.

It's a teamup that works wonders, enhancing each other's sound. DJ support underlines this record's potential, including , Sam Feldt and R3hab.

Bolier & Trobi – ‘In The Water' out now on Spinnin' Records

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