The Him & Jordan Jay – By Your Side

The Him & Jordan Jay team up on new tune “By Your Side”

Dutch DJ and producers The Him and Jordan Jay release their new single, making sure you never want to leave their side. It's a straight up musical pleasure for the ear, with its uplifting piano chords, energetic beat and joyful soul vocal. A perfect tune to turn any occasion into a happy one. Get ready to smile and dance on ‘By Your Side', out now on Spinnin' Records.

‘By Your Side' is the follow up single to The Him's recently released ‘Broken Love'. It's their first time collabing with fellow Dutchman Jordan Jay. “It was so much fun working with Jordan Jay in the studio. You never know what the outcome is when you start working together. This collab worked out really well and we are so happy with the result!“, Steven from The Him explains. Jeroen continues: “We feel that this track represents both our styles and it works great live. We played it on and the crowd went NUTS!“.

“'By You Side' consists of an old-school vocal combined with a fresh 2018 future house sound.”, Jordan Jay explains. For him ‘By Your Side' is his newest release after ‘Treat You Right' earlier this year. He continues: “The first time I met The Him was backstage at Ultra Music Festival in . We met up because The Him really liked my remix for Zedd's ‘The Middle'. After this I sent them some music which they liked and eventually we did a studio session together. I had this project with a vocal from an old Z.Z. Hill track. They really liked it and we started working on this tune. This is what became ‘By Your Side'.”

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