Futuristic Polar Bears

Futuristic Polar Bears kick off CMMD Records with Wolfpack for “Moksha”

There is simply no slowing down British supergroup Futuristic Polar Bears during the summer of 2018. With two massive releases already in the book, the trio is taking matters into their own hands with the highly-anticipated launch of their very own label CMMD Records. To get things started on the highest of high notes, is calling upon Belgian duo Wolfpack once again this summer for help on the label’s first official release in ‘Moksha’.


The two artists are notoriously known for their energetic and forceful electro-house productions. ‘Moksha’ is certainly no exception to that rule. Having previously teamed up just a few weeks ago for ‘Derb’, they are keeping the momentum rolling on with yet another collaboration. The single ignites right off the bat with a bass-riddled drop; boasting aggressive synths and mesmerizing beat stutters. Moreover, it has a chilling Eastern-inspired vocal sample and one of the most jaw-dropping progressions you will hear in 2018. ‘Moksha’ will surely send crowds of any capacity into a complete panic upon its arrival.

Our new single #moksha is OUT NOW on our new label #CMMDrecords alongside our brothers @wolfpack

Check it out here – https://t.co/7AEz23SsrS pic.twitter.com/QM1LYrtLxO

— FuturisticPolarBears (@FPBOfficial) August 10, 2018


are unquestionably answering the call of their massive fan base for the release of more new releases with the establishment of their own imprint. In doing so, the trio gains full control over their release schedule. They have plenty of more new music ready to go in the coming weeks across their label as well as many others. Futuristic Polar Bears is surely in the pure limelight of dance music lovers around the globe. They have a laundry list of support from DJs throughout both weekends of Tomorrowland.  Not to mention that they look to secure a position in ’s Top 100 DJs list later this summer.

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