Marcus Schossow

Marcus Schossow teams up with Cape Lion to deliver “Red Lights” on Code Red

With strong singles marking just the beginning of Marcus Schossow’s return to musical dominance, the Swedish songster teams up with Grammy-nominated Cape Lion to deliver “Red Lights” on Code Red Music.

Red Lights” becomes the next chapter in both stories, as and Cape Lion look ahead to another summer. This release marks the culmination of an intense collaboration process that spanned two years and six different iterations of the record.

This track is about walking away from everything that puts you down and leaving the negative behind you. We worked on this record for about two years and during those years both me and Cape Lion have been through a lot. So, it was a natural process where we slowly ended up with the sound we had in mind for this record. I’m super proud of it and it means the world to me that I finally can show everyone it!” says .

The summer vibes on “Red Lights” immediately through the masterful composition and slick vocals on the record. breaks out of his recent trend of darker house to deliver an indie pop sound that is totally geared towards summer moments.

These elements combine to deliver a summer record like no other from and Cape Lion.

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