Mason Exclusive Interview With The Speaker Of The True “Animal Language”

There aren’t too many producers out there capable of making credible underground bangers and radio friendly hits simultaneously but Mason is surely one of them. Born Iason Chronis, entertainment is in this boy’s blood. Having garnered worldwide acclaim for his ability to merge between the dance and urban worlds, Mason managed to establish his own label, Animal Language; a musical menagerie for Mason’s weird and wonderful creations. With live shows as well as DJ sets across festivals such as Tomorrowland, Nature One, Creamfields, Global Gathering and clubs such as Fabric, Ministry Of Sound, Green Valley, Air and many others in more than 50 countries around the world, Mason is set to embark on another hectic touring schedule in 2018. Viralbpm had the chance to sit down with him and talk about his latest releases, music tools, upcoming tracks and many more.

V1. Recently you released “Dance, Shake, Move”, alongside some excellent remixes. Could you tell something about the creative process of the track and its official video?

Mason: The video was directed by up and coming to video superstar Leonardo Cosme. Regarding the music: the original ‘dance shake move’ chorus vocals were originally recorded by Zanyllia Farrell (daughter of Boney M’s Bobby Farrell) for a different song of mine, that I end up never using. I started to play around with it on a different instrumental I made, and asked The Melody Men (who also did vocals for last years ‘Rhino’ on Defected Records) for verses. In general, I work this way: trying lots of different instrumentals and vocals until something clicks and everything falls into place. Because of this, I guess I end up releasing only 1% of the music I actually write, so there’s quite a vault of unreleased tracks there when I die ;-).

V2. and PBR Streetgang got their hands on these remixes. How did that happen? Why these artists?

Mason: I thought they’d be perfect for it and I’ve been playing both their records for ages. Tim has a very no nonsense house sound with a tough edge. PBR Streetgang is great at the more organic lively type of beats, which takes the record into totally different waters…

V3. You’re also known for having remixed tunes from Mike Mago, Matt Zo, Martin Solveig & more. What’s the difference between remixing a song for another artist and working on your own?

Mason: The great thing about remixing is you already have a starting point: great musical parts to work with, compared to working on something new from scratch where you have to build every element from zero. However, I also limit the amount of remixes I do, as I don’t wanna give away too many of my musical ideas. Also, I really need to like the original track and feel I can actually contribute something to it. Some tracks are just perfect and you can only ruin them with remixes.

V4. With what tools and gear are you working on your tracks in the studio?

Mason: The studio is based around Logic Pro, but I do work with some fancy analogue outboard stuff, like a few compressors (API2500, Distressors, SSL Bus compressor, Manley etc), some Tube EQs, some synths (Roland, Moog, etc.) and a bunch of funny little instruments, mics, etc etc. I do summing mixing on a Neve.

V5. On what are you currently working on? Anything you can already reveal to us?

Mason: I have a single coming up on Island Records, featuring UK grime act ‘The Manor’. Also, there’s something coming out on with vocals by Alex Clare. There’s bunch of other stuff, but don’t wanna bore you with lists. Lists are dull!. You can follow my musical adventures here:

V6. You will be also heavily involved in hectic tour schedules. What’s on your travel plan during the next months?

Mason: I’m playing We Are FSTVL in the UK later this month, plus some shows around Europe. Also in the middle of a 25 date tour throughout the Netherlands together with Dr Lektroluv. That’s turning out to be a lot of fun.

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