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Elongi EP

Lee Burridge & Lost Desert Return With ‘Elongi EP’

Lee Burridge and Lost Desert return just in time for Summer with a new three track EP on All Day I Dream. The ‘Elongi EP‘ reunites the duo with star vocalist Junior (Akwerty). The trio, last seen together on one of 2016’s standout tracks, ‘Lingala’, racking up fans along the way. Receiving support from Dixon, Pete Tong, Yokoo, Bedouin and Damian Lazarus the track’s longevity is still evident from the one million plays on Spotify and counting.

Junior, although comfortable singing in English, once again choses to return to his roots, singing in his native tongue of Lingala, which is a local dialect from The Democratic Republic of Congo.

His lyrics continue the theme explored in ‘Lingala’ of dealing with falling out of love.

The sombre theme still creates instantly catchy vocals that flow effortlessly over the track’s tight groove and warm sub-bass frequencies. The melodic house vibes are woven into a delicate xylophone pattern that drive the song.

‘Mono Yo’ takes a groovier approach and utilises Junior’s vocal more sparsely. The funkier bassline and drums creating a more smooth and silky track.

The ‘Elongi EP‘ is closed out by the instrumental ‘Float On’. At first seemingly a delicate and gentle tune. Then it slowly introduces gorgeous tinkling piano melodies lulls you in with a false sense of security.

The track bides its time and waits patiently to unleash its nose crinkling bassline that lifts it to another dimension. Throw in a little sped up and slowed down vocal and the trio complete the release in style.

All in all this EP has got you covered for a release to epitomise Summertime.

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