Gramatik Releases New Music Video & Booklet “Future Crypto” feat. Branx

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Electronic artist, musician, and producer Gramatik reveals his first content project as a result of his GRMTK token launch with SingularDTV in November of last year. Together with fellow artist Branx and studio Supermassive, he created a music video and digital booklet for his original song “Future Crypto.” This bold forward thinking project sees the groundbreaking producer and technology advocate fusing his art with crypto culture. All of Gramatik's new projects resulting from the GRMTK token launch, including “Future Crypto,” new music, films and other multimedia content will be released on SingularDTV's digital platform when it launches in 2019.

A collaboration with fellow artist Branx and SingularDTV, the video for “Future Crypto” depicts the history of money, starting with the barter system and advancing through the evolution of money in Europe. It then follows the Knights Templar's first bank and the fractional banking reserve, all the way to blockchain, ending with the creation of the GRMTK token. The digital booklet provides a deeper insight into the propagation of currency from tracing its role in value transfer, building empires, and funding wars to blockchain signifying the shift in power over currency.

“Our species is advancing. Shouldn't our currency be doing the same?  With this being the first piece of content being made since the token launch + ETH raise, I wanted to explain to my fans what Future Cypto is really about. Future Crypto is dedicated to the importance of leaving Big Business + Big Banks out of curation and creation.  Cutting out the middleman.  I really think Isaac Asimov said it best with “The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.” My team and I + SingularDTV are working around the clock on new content and the further development of GRMTK, thanks for being patient with us through the process and expect more updates regularly.” Gramatik

It's fitting that Gramatik would embark on a campaign to educate fans more about the history of crypto and the promises of blockchain,” says Zach LeBeau, CEO and co-founder of SingularDTV. “I think I speak for all of us at SingularDTV when I say we can't wait for our platform to launch with such exciting blockchain-centric content by our first tokenized artist.

Future Crypto” represents a new chapter for Gramatik as well. Thanks to the massive success of the GRMTK token launch, Gramatik will be able to take a break from touring to focus on the creation of his next album and content curation for the entirety of 2019. During this time, Gramatik will be periodically releasing new content. Before the close of 2018, Gramatik will also be releasing the companion to his critically acclaimed “Re:Coil” EP to be titled “Re:Coil Pt. II.” 

The visuals for the music video were created by Dutch design studio Supermassive, the masterminds behind Gramatik's “Voyager Twins” video. The studio describes the “Future Crypto” video as their attempt to the show specific events which led to the birth of the GRMTK token:

“This piece had to be seamless to show the interconnectedness of all the events, which means no cutting between shots. At the same time, it had to be energetic and dynamic, so the visuals would really emphasize the dark rhythm of the track. The style had to be graphical yet playful, so we brought on board one of our favorite illustrator, Vincent Hammingh.” -Supermassive

In 2017, producer and DJ Gramatik, born Denis Jasarević, embarked on a venture into the cryptocurrency world with the launch of his own token, GRMTK, in collaboration with SingularDTV. As one of the few artists embracing crypto-culture and the new blockchain-based technologies that work towards decentralization, Gramatik has emerged as a pioneer in this realm. The GRMTK token raised the maximum amount of $2.48 million (7500 ETH) in under 24 hours. As the first artist in history to ‘tokenize' his intellectual property, the GRMTK token created a new model for funding and the artist-fan relationship.

Before Gramatik steps away from touring and heads back into the lab, fans still have a chance to catch him live at tour dates across North America including Shambhala, Electric Zoo, Life Is Beautiful, and at his annual return to the famed Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado on Sept 1st. Find a full list of tour dates below.


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July 6-July 9- We Are Electric Weekender 2018- Boxtel, Netherlands

August 10-13- Shambhala Music Festival- Salmo, BC

Aug 31-Sept 2- Electric Zoo- New York, NY

September 1- Red Rocks Amphitheater w/ Griffin, Haywyre, Ramzoid, Balkan Bump – Morrison, CO

September 21-23- Life Is Beautiful- , NV

October 25-28- Suwanee Hulaween- Live Oak, FL




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