Nick Martin

Nick Martin – Exclusive Interview With The Greek Turntablist

Emerging on the electronic dance music scene as a turntablist, Nick Martin has been soundtracking your club experiences for two decades. Having supported multiple Grammy-nominated superstar dance acts including , David Guetta, , Avicii, and Hardwell, the Greek music-maker has spun his high-octane brand of beats in the finest clubs across the globe. While Nick Martin is back with his breathtaking EP in the form ofCool Love EPthat cement his reputation as one to watch, Viralbpm sat down the rising talent to discuss about his latest releases, upcoming productions, touring schedule and songwriting skills!

V1. Let's talk about your brand new “Cool Love EP”. How long did you work on that project and how did you end up with that title?

Nick Martin: The title is basically the hook of the first song in the EP. In terms of time it took more than expected as I changed my mind in both tracks more than a few times. I am happy though that I have spent more time than usual as the result really rewarded the effort. I started working on the songs in September and I delivered the masters around mid-January.

V2. Could you describe to us a little bit the creative process behind this project? How did the collaboration with happen?

Nick Martin: Well it happened by chance really as the original songwriting team had used her to demo the vocal. When I heard her voice I was sold! She is so talented. She has her own solo career and I feel we will work together again in the future. The song in its rough form was very different from today. I am very proud of the end result!

V3. On what are you currently working on? Anything you can already reveal to us?

Nick Martin: I am working on 3 songs right now going back and forth and trying to figure out my next move. My backgeround is not pop not EDM; it is pure house. I am trying to figure out how I am going to keep the pop element so I can cross over to radio, additionally to a higher energy but introduce a house groove into my songs. BPM wise ranging from 120 to 125. I have a very strong record which I am focusing mostly and I promise to deliver something very strong.

V4. Will you be touring heavily this summer? Any special events you want to mention?

Nick Martin: Actually I am taking light this year. I have toured a lot in the last four years and this has taken a toll in my productions. I feel that I need to first deliver a hit and then tour again heavily. Having said that I will always do my fun gigs in Mykonos and Ibiza.

V5. How did you start recording your own stuff? You were born and raised in Athens, Greece, we are also based in Athens, so that question sounds even more interesting to us.

Nick Martin: Well in Greece there is a great club scene as you know that was even bigger in the past when I started. Most djs did not produce and focused on the gigs playing basically other people's music. When I started djing more I wanted to differentiate myself and decided to start producing. I started on Logic with Greek professor called Dimitris Dermanis. He tutored me for almost a year. Off course I was pretty knowledgeable re mixing etc as I had my own band in school so many concepts were already there. But it was really when I started traveling and getting influences and working with other producers when my music started taking off. Every time I am in the studio I say to myself that I know nothing and I try to learn more and more. YouTube is my major go to place for tutorials and I work on Ableton 10!

V6. What do you think about the Greek electronic music scene in general?

Nick Martin: I think that it has lagged behind to be honest but recently I see some better things happening that give me hope again. There are a few promoters trying to get festivals together which will really help.

V7. Thank you a lot for doing this with us and we are really wishing you all the best for your upcoming records. Any final words you want to share with the Viralbpm readership?

Nick Martin: First I really appreciate you interviewing me and second I hope that you guys can positively influence the Greek electronic scene. In the 90s Greece was one of the strongest countries for djs! We need to bring this vibe back!

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