Kevin Courtois - Settle

Kevin Courtois Returns With New Crossover Single ‘Settle’

Paris-native and rising dance music sensation Kevin Courtois is back with his second offering this calendar year in the form of ‘Settle’, which is out now via Capitol Record’s imprint Listen For PleasureStream/Purchase: Kevin Courtois – Settle here.

Having already amassed over a million streams count across all digital streaming platforms, Courtois has set his sights on building off the colossal momentum that he received from his previous single ‘Let Me In’ ft. Luke Edgemon and showing the world a different side to his artistry with ‘Settle’.  

Upon first listen, the cut might listeners into thinking it’s another cheerful summer anthem, but the lyrics peg it to be more than meets the ear. ‘Settle’ utilizes the universal language of music to convey the pain one experiences when a past flame chooses to move on. The message depicted in the chorus is sure to resonate with anybody who has ever experienced a similar kind of heartbreak.

Kevin Courtois – Settle” arrives at the most opportune time as it encompasses the full meaning of a crossover summertime ballad in every sense of the phrase.

Kicking off with a lush piano melody layered over a set of sonically soothing and buttery vocals, the single provides the signature tone that fans have begun to seek from Courtois since the inception of his ever-evolving musical career.

The cut then builds up to a climax loaded with vocal chops mixed with a crescendo of slow drums that allow for a proper dance music foundation. The track impressively blends elements of both tropical house and pop music as continues to navigate a fine line between the genres, which will make his name definitely one to watch in the coming months.

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