Frank Nitty

Frank Nitty – Exclusive Interview With The Latin-Inspired Producer

From the streets of Los Angeles to and the exotic Island of Ibiza, has set his reputation by performing, producing and collaborating with various international artists, from all over the world. Affiliated with major profound record labels from Sosumi Records to Staar Traxx Records, Subliminal, BangIt!, HouseSessions, Move Recordsa and Gigabeats Records just to name a few, Frank Nitty‘s productions are mostly inspired by sounds of his latin culture. Fresh off his collabo-release with Havoc and Lawn on Juicy Music that was premiered exclusively by Viralbpm, we sat down with Frank Nitty to discuss about his source of influences, relationship with Kryder and , as well as upcoming releases on Staar Traxx and Sondos!

V1. You're about to release once again a new tune on Staar Traxx! Tell us more about this track! Is it a collab?

Frank Nitty: Yes I Am it's actually a four Track EP. I love Rastafarian this is the track that settles it all for the EP to happen I was working on something new Around February wanted to have something good for Miami Music week as I was working on this track Ferdy contacted me and asked if I have any ideas I sent him Rastafarian. I always wanted to do something with Jamaican background elements. Truly inspired by Groove Armada Superstylin and this idea came to me to add some Jamaican gangster guy vocal talking like Scarface being a bad ass but then Ferdy came along with a new vocal and we agreed to it I showed my good friend Dario Nunez the track and he wanted to add some elements so we 3 ended up finishing this solid track can't wait to share soon.

V2. For your latest release “Asi Lo Grita” you returned on Sondos/Subliminal, following “La Fluta de Habana” that was supported by the likes of , Pete Tong and many more major producers worldwide. Are you satisfied with final outcome? How's it going in your sets?

Frank Nitty: Yes I am Grateful to be honest. “La Fluta” took it to another level. I was happy with the direction, but the feedback response was phenomenal. Till this day I still get feedback. For this new track “Asi Lo Grita”, I'm pleased as well to get supports from these guys is such an honor all legends on my book very surreal and cool.

V3. You're mostly inspired by sounds of Latin Culture, mixed with tribal and groovy vibes. Are there any other music sources that influence you?

Frank Nitty: I would have to say disco funk, even classical music I absolutely love making music with a bit of history from it. The song has more meaning. Even with Flamenco gypsy world sounds I find it to be fascinating.

V4. You've been performing and producing with international artists from all over the world. With which would you like to collaborate in 2018 and why?

Frank Nitty: I would like to say Kryder and Tom because of the friendship we have. I've always looked up to them and to actually talk to them on the regular is surreal. Steve Angello is in my radar too but I want to do something dirty with him with some sick Tribal/Groove elements will see haha.

V5. Given your releases on Staar Traxx and Sosumi Records, it seems that you are among Tom Staar's and Kryder's favorite producers. What's your relationship with them? Should we expect more tracks on these labels in the future?

Frank Nitty: To describe our relationship with the lads well it's pretty amazing such good vibes and energy coming from both and we always crack jokes to each other. Those guys are seriously in a different level. Love them both. In Miami we had dinner all of us in the table. I felt welcomed and that I belonged with them one thing about it is music we all have common grounds and I'm always opened minded to the things they tell me. I'm currently digging a pathway for Kryteria Records flooding Kryder's emails at the moment hahaa and Toms. As well with the new guidance I'm looking forward for the future to come. Strong vibes with both of them guys. Haha

V6. Which producers would you characterize as the ones to watch? Name a few that have caught your attention.

Frank Nitty: NXNY, Stead-E & Hybrid Heights and Last 3 Digits all ace guys and great producers I'm looking forward to work with such great music they have been putting out.

V7. What's in store for the rest of 2018? Any new tracks, collabs or gigs scheduled?

Frank Nitty: Yes actually for the summer I'm dialed in the works for The Staar Traxx EP and the Sondos EP. Also a subliminal single is coming soon as well a collaboration track with my Good Friend J8man. As for the fall season I'm currently working on Ideas for ADE I cannot say at the moment but bangers for sure.

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