Ravitez – Exclusive Interview With The Dutch Perfectionist

With a bevy of highly acclaimed singles already under his belt, regular Ravitez has made quite a bit of name for himself on both the live front and through his productions. After having teamed up with the platinum selling producer Afrojack multiple time, while playing at major festivals, such as Tomorrowland, Ultra and EDC, the Netherlands born DJ/Producer, also known as Chico Martinez de Reus, stars among the next generation of Dutch dance music talents. Ravitez crafted his music style over a matter of years, proving that he is a true perfectionist through his sublime offerings. Viralbpm sat down with Ravitez to talk about his latest track ‘I'm Not The One', upcoming tracks and career so far.

V1. Recently you released “I'm Not The One” via Wall Recordings. Could you tell something about the creative process of the track?

Ravitez: Yes! So I started this track about 3 months ago with the idea to make a summer song. It was really fun to work on this track because it's my first song that's different from my usual club tracks. After the track was finished Afrojack asked Esther Dean to write lyrics to the song and that turned out really good.

V2. The release marks your return on Afrojack's massive label. How did that happen? What makes that imprint so important and special?

Ravitez: I always send my songs to Afrojack. Every idea I make and every song I finished. If he likes the song he wants to release it. Wall recordings is an awesome label with different styles and it's always special. I'm really happy I can release my songs there!

V3. Ravitez you had also joined Afrojack on his tour at major festivals. What did you receive as an artist, but also as a person from these huge live performances?

Ravitez: Yes! I'm really blessed that I am able to play shows with Afrojack. The tours are heavy but most of all really fun to do. I learn a lot from different cultures and I've seen a lot from the world. It's great to see people go crazy on the music I made in the studio the days before.

V4. What do you like more? Performing in front of a massive crowd that loves your set or producing your own tracks and seeing them succeeding on charts, people's playlists etc.

Ravitez: I can't choose between those 2. It's the best feeling to play my own music in front of a massive crowd!

V5. On what are you currently working on? Anything you can already reveal to us?

Ravitez: A lot of new dance pop songs, but also still club bangers. Can't wait to release them.

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