Justin Caruso Taps Tritonal for a Remix of “More Than A Stranger (feat. Cappa & Ryan Hicari)”

Rising LA-based DJ/Producer Justin Caruso premiers the brand new Tritonal remix of his hit single “More Than A Stranger), which will surely be heard loud and clear across main stages this festival season. Tritonal who have remixed records for the likes of The Chainsmokers and Zedd put their signature electro, complextro touch on Caruso's original, keeping in tact the melodic elements that make the record special, while totally re-inventing the drop that will leave listeners begging for another listen.

Caruso entered this year on the heat of his single “Talk About Me” which was the BPM Breaker on Sirius XM and one of dance radio's most played tracks of 2017. The rising star, burst into 2018 with “More Than A Stranger (feat. Cappa & );” a track that showcases Caruso's finesse and ability to craft the perfect pairing of pop and dance music. Tritonal now ups the ante by building a brand new summery instrumental around the core vocal.

“More Than A Stranger” is about that feeling of being out in a crowded place but locking eyes with someone that makes everything else around you irrelevant.  It's about just going for it and meeting that person rather than regretting not talking to them and never seeing them again. As for the remix, Tritonal are two of my favorite DJ's and I did a remix of their song with the Chainsmokers “Until You Were Gone.” It really feels like things are coming full circle being that Tritonal have now done a remix for me,” Caruso says.

From hoop dreams to the dance floor, Justin Caruso's path through the music industry is a story of perseverance and finding his true calling – even in the most unexpected of places. The Los Angeles-native grew up with aspirations of becoming a professional basketball player and thanks to a vigorous and disciplined training schedule – and a lot of natural talent – made his High School Varsity Team as a freshman. However, before his first game Justin dislocated his knee and was forced to endure a painful rehabilitation and recovery process. Knowing his goal of playing basketball professionally was now over; Justin started making mashups on his computer that piqued his interest to learn how to produce his own music. Fast forward to the present, Justin has balanced his own original songs “Caving (feat. James Droll),” “Talk About Me” and “Love Somebody” and remixes of Ambassadors “Unsteady,” Tritonal “Good Thing” and Lost Kings “Look At Us Now” with touring the world (he embarked on his own “Can I Drop Out Yet” tour in the fall of 2017) with the likes of Tiesto, The Chainsmokers, and 3LAU, among others. With a busy schedule of releases and tour dates across North America, 2018 is looking like a slam-dunk for Justin Caruso.

It's been another triumphant year for the Austin-based duo, Tritonal. The prolific group has managed to have an original release or remix drop every month this year and shows no sign of slowing down. Tritonal's remix of “More Than A Stranger” comes on the heels of their recent singles, “Out My Mind,” “Calabasas” (with SJ) “Horizon” (with and ) and “Ready” (with Sultan & Shepard). Tritonal is also currently celebrating the 10th anniversary of their Enhanced Records imprint with the duo taking over North America with their ‘10 Years of Enhanced' tour, performing in intimate across the states and bringing their squad of  Enhanced artists for the ride such as SJ, Noah Neiman, Disco Fries, and more.

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