Kevin McKay Releases Debut Album ‘The Love Forever’ on Glasgow Underground

founder Kevin McKay has announced his debut solo album ‘The Love Forever'. Having served as the mastermind behind some of the biggest house tracks of the past two decades, Kevin is ready to showcase himself at the forefront of a style he has pioneered.

Kevin started producing in 1994, kicking off his debut label Muzique Tropique with ‘Prelude To The Storm' – a collaboration with Andy Carrick. Gaining support from a wealth of credible tastemakers such as Andrew Weatherall, Dubfire, and Roger Sanchez led to Kevin entering the more mainstream consciousness after discovering local talent that would be become Mylo and Linus Loves.

Credited for producing and mixing Mylo's seminal platinum-selling album ‘Destory Rock & Roll', the album went on to secure 4 top 40 singles including ‘Drop The Pressure', ‘Destroy Rock & Roll', ‘In My Arms' and ‘Muscle Car' as well as the UK number 3 hit ‘Doctor Pressure'. For Linus Loves, Kevin produced several tracks including the Ministry record ‘The Terrace' – which charted at #31.
“I think it is true when people say that most A&R's are frustrated artists. It certainly was in my case when I was working on the Mylo album,” said Kevin. Destroy Rock & Roll was definitely the kind of album I would have written at the time if I could. I suppose, because I produced the record as well as A&R'd it, I can claim a bit more responsibility for it than most, but I still could see what Mylo was capable of and was very particular about what tracks went on it and how they sounded. It was an unusual situation that lead to me being both A&R and producer and not one that happened again. I found the step back to just A&Ring records not anywhere near as satisfying and so spent some time developing my writing so I could make the kind of records I've always wanted to by myself.”

Discussing ‘The Love Forever', Kevin says, “last year I got to a place where I felt that I'd developed enough to take on an album and “The Love Forever” is the result. The title is not about romantic love but about my love affair with dance music. No matter what has happened in my life, music has always pulled me through and “The Love Forever” is about the kind of dance music I love. It moves from disco to techno to deep, melodic house music and hopefully does it in a way that works just as well at a rave as it does in your living room or by the pool.”

Spanning across 12 tracks, ‘The Love Forever' is an amalgamation of productions that Kevin has been working towards throughout his career. Inspired by Sub Club's Harri & Domenic, the essence of nugroove, italo house and balearic beats are prevalent throughout, with the album's acclaimed single ‘Freaky Dancers' already gaining huge traction across BBC Radio 1's dance family.

Beginning with disco and soul influenced melodies such as ‘Running Back To You', ‘High As Beat' and ‘The Way I Feel', the album transcends into the club-orientated tracks like ‘The Oooh Song'. Highlighting his impressive production skills and knowledge throughout, Kevin experiments with the adventurous synth-heavy tracks ‘Never Close My Eyes' and ‘Shooting Stars' – creating an atmosphere perfect for Balearic sunsets.

Following the huge milestone of Glasgow Underground's 20th anniversary last year, Kevin's debut solo album is the perfect example of his innovative contribution to dance music.

1.    Kevin McKay – The Love Forever
2.    Kevin McKay – Run & Hide
3.    Kevin McKay – Crazy About You
4.    Kevin McKay & Unorthodox – I Don't Mind
5.    Kevin McKay – The Oooh Song
6.    Kevin McKay – Freaky Dancers feat. Romanthony
7.    Kevin McKay – The Good Life
8.    Kevin McKay – Balance Work
9.    Kevin McKay – Propaganda 2018
10.    Kevin McKay – Never Close My Eyes
11.    Kevin McKay – My Love
12.    Kevin McKay, Freeform Five ft. Manfred Mann – Spaceman

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