KSHMR & MR. BLACK – Doonka [Dharma]

Indian-origin American producer KSHMR decided to collaborate with MR.BLACK on a brand new track called “DOONKA“, out via Dharma Music.

The tune is now available via 's official YouTube channel and it got its official release via Dharma Records, the label that belongs to the talented American producer.

In the recent past, we had heard about the track, after listening to KSHMR's live sets during big festivals, but we had never heard about its final release date.

Now, fans of the track and people who like the sound that both KSHMR and MR.BLACK produce can get it by clicking on the HIVE link below.

Let us know about your opinion regarding DOONKA in the comment section below.

You can get KSHMR and MR.BLACK's latest anthem here.

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