Curtis Alto

Curtis Alto presents new single ‘Listen’ feat. Gretchen on Spinnin’ Records

Curtis Alto presents their new single ‘Listen' on Spinnin' Records. A soothing ambience emerges from the song which features a combination of dreamy pads, rhythmic guitar and Gretchen's flowing vocal.

Curtis Alto are the Belgian producing brothers, known for their live shows where they integrate instruments such as percussion and keys, in their DJ sets.

Expect loads of energy. This has already brought the brothers to the stages of Tomorrowland, Balaton Sound, Ostend Beach and they have given a sold-out show at Belgian concert venue “Vooruit”.

Just recently they were the support act for in Antwerp' Lotto Arena. In addition Curtis Alto are known for their so-called daydreams, live sessions recorded at different unique locations featuring new songs, remixes and mashups.

We have this track for a few months and are looking forward to it being released now. The explosive pads bring warmth and are an element which characterises our live sets. Altogether we're digging the ambience ‘Listen' creates”, Curtis Alto.

Listen' (feat. Gretchen) is out now on Spinnin' Records.

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