Swanky Tunes

Swanky Tunes – Exclusive Interview With The Russian Trifecta

Worldwide known as the most awarded Russian DJ-trio that pioneered the progressive and electro-house sound,  consisting of Dima, Vadim and Stas, have been producing hit after hit since their early debut in 1998. From their early releases to their current singles, the Showland label owners and headliners are at the forefront of electronic dance music with their uplifting anthemic bangers. 

Hailing from border city Smolensk,  are showing no signs of slowing down whether it is in the studio, on festival stages or the global music charts. Fresh off their latest release “Superhero” featured on recent memorable performances 1-minute videoViralbpm is very happy to have sat down with the Russian EDM trifecta to discuss about new releases, best up-and-coming producers and career so far, including their current relationship status with Hard Rock Sofa.

V1. In 2017 you released the magnificent EP “Get Swanky“ on your own imprint Showland Records, including tracks with Going Deeper,  and Rasster. Tell us more about the final outcome; are you satisfied with it?

Swanky Tunes: No doubts, we satisfied. Get Swanky EP reveals as multi genre producers. It covers not just club music genres, but goes deeper into pop and dance music. Just check it out and you’ll be wonder.

V2. You’ve collaborated multiple times with Going Deeper; “One Million Dollars”, “Far From Home”, Till The End” and now on “Daydreaming”. Would you characterize them as your protégés?

Swanky Tunes: Sure we’ve been producing a lot music together with Going Deeper and for sure we help them explaining some not really obvious things in musical business taking it from our experience. But Going Deeper is already well known project, that doesn’t need to be introduced a lot. Better say they are good friends of us and we both love to work together.

V3. Speaking of your label, Showland Records counts five successful years of life. What’s in store for the near future?

Swanky Tunes: This year we started to release compilation devoted to Music Week, Ibiza and Amsterdam Dance Event. Next year we will continue with this. Along with single releases, we plan to release 3-4 tracks EP tied with genres like bass house or progressive house. So just keep an eye and follow Showland Records on social medias to be updated.

V4. On what tracks or other projects are you currently working and focusing on? Any collabs or upcoming releases you could talk about? What about upcoming performances?

Swanky Tunes: We have a lot of collaboration in process. Can’t reveal names right now, but most of them are well know. Definitely you’ll be surprised. And of course we work on our own singles, club and dance tracks.

V5. How much would you say has DJing and producing changed in general over the last few years?

Swanky Tunes: The only we could mention is quantity of producers and DJs extremely increased. Of course this fact puts an “old-school” guys in position of high competition, but at the same time it gives music fans a bunch of quality music, as many young talented prodigies were raised during last few years.

V6. You became worldwide-known for your track “Here We Go”, a collaboration with Hard Rock Sofa, which was part of the “Fast & Furious 6” soundtrack. Now that your fellow trio-natives have separated their careers, do you feel like the “Russian House Mafia”?

Swanky Tunes: Hard Rock Sofa are just one of artists on a long list we collaborated with. Even a lot of tracks were produced together we always had separate ways, so let’s say we don’t have such a feeling you asking about.

V7. Who in your opinion are the best up-and-coming producers at the moment?

Swanky Tunes: To name a few: Sevenn, Snavs. Love their sound a lot. Also we would like to mention Teddme from Kyrgyzstan. This one definitely will get a lot of success in a couple next years.

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