Magnificence’s three-folded EP is completed with “Out Of My Mind” along Steff da Campo

You'd be hard pushed to find bigger debuts for tracks than at Ultra Miami, but getting three dropped across the weekend by both /\Ingrosso and a reunited is dream factory levels.

is excited to welcome a new Dutch duo to the label, production and DJ powerhouse in the making. Robin & Maurice aka Magnificence.

Started April 27th, the trio of singles were being released ultimately forming the Magnificence EP that landed May 11th.

First up is ‘Cobra' followed by ‘Fire' alongside Seth Hills with the final single ‘Out Of My Mind' alongside Steff da Campo completing the EP.

For the cover Axtone presents a new artist for the label, French by origin but Tokyo based Quentin Deronzier who has certainly kept it in the Axtone universe whilst moving it to his own galaxy.

Listen to the last of the Magnificence EP below or buy/stream it here and tell us your opinion.

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