Chris Schweizer

Chris Schweizer – Exclusive Interview With The Argentinian Talent

Still at the young age of 25 old Argentinian Chris Schweizer has the world at his feet with his trademark big bassline sound fusing the boundaries between the big room sounds and trance. Signed to the mighty Armada Music label in Holland his releases are getting support from the biggest headliners across the globe, including Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk, Ferry Corsten & Gareth Emery. His latest productions have been getting regular airplays on the worlds biggest trance radio show ‘A State Of Trance’ as well as entering the Beatport trance top 5 chart! Viralbpm sat down with Chris Schweizer to discuss about his upcoming slamming productions, most memorable moment of his career and major worldwide tours planned for 2018. 

V1. Chris Schweizer, thank you for taking your time for an interview. Where are you currently at?

Chris Schweizer: Thank you for having me. I am currently in my hometown of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Just played here for NYE, too.

V2. You had a pretty strong tracked released on Armada just before New Year’s Eve. How did you feel about “The Wolf”? Are you satisfied with the final output?

Chris Schweizer: Yes! I knew it was a solid track but I’m so happy with the outcome. I received a lot of support from people, lots of DJs are playing it and it hit the #1 spot on Beatport, so yeah… I’m very happy and pleased with it!

V3. Could you describe to us the creative process of the song? Does the song characterize some key aspects of your style and sound in general as an artist?

Chris Schweizer: With ‘The Wolf’ I wanted to bring some old sounding tech vibes back. It has that dark groove that takes you through the whole song! It’s the kind of sound I’m digging at the moment so I’d say it really describes my style right now.

V4. How did you start recording your own tracks? Any key-persons that were really supportive on your journey as an artist?

Chris Schweizer: My family to start with, they were always there for me. My friends as well, they always believed in me even when no one else did! And some after, when I started signing tracks to major labels, I’d say Armin was definitely the one! From asking me to do remixes of his tracks, to playing my music live… I think he’s always been one of the guys that help me the most in the industry.

V5. What should we expect from you in 2018? Not only regarding new releases, but also tour wise.

Chris Schweizer: There are lots of releases coming of course. My latest is the collab with Indecent Noise titled “Signals“, the follow up of my track with James Dymond (Spectrum) and tons of new singles. And regarding tours, I joined ASOT 850 with a special b2b set with my Argentinian fellows “Heatbeat” and I played at FSOE 500 in Argentina doing a b2b with James Dymond, with whom I will also have another b2b at Electronic Family in Netherlands this summer.  I’ll also be touring in Australia, Europe and North America, so stay in touch!

V6. What would you describe as your most memorable moment of your career so far? Maybe you could also share with us your most embarrassing moment too.

Chris Schweizer: I have too many good moments in my career that I remember, but if I have to choose only one I think I’d go with that special b2b we did in ASOT 650 – Argentina: it was magical! And as for the embarrassing moment I’m not sure, maybe that one time we were doing a b2b set with Ruben De Ronde in Muscat, Oman, and some guy from the crowd asked us to play Hip Hop… Haha…

V7. Is there anything in particular you want to accomplish as an artist during the next years?

Chris Schweizer: To be honest I try not to think too much about that. I try to live the moment step by step. I’d like to keep doing what I’m doing right now, which is releasing the music I love, with no pressure, not following any procedures or whatsoever.

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