Matt Nash

Matt Nash – Exclusive Interview With The British Radical Producer

With a smooth approach to the sound he delivers, Matt Nash is in a league of his own, dominating one beat to the next. Hailing from the UK, the house music advocate has been all over the place in terms of labels during the last couple years. Axtone, Revealed, Armada, Musical Freedom, SIZE, Lowly Palace and now Spinnin' Records, just to name a few imprints, the British talent has dominated the dance music industry with his radical sounds. Being one of the most talented producers of his generation, Matt Nash completely redefines the common expectation on what house music listeners may regard as progressive house. Viralbpm sat down with Matt Nash, who's one of our favorite artists, to discuss about his successful tenor of releases on elite labels, upcoming tracks and thoughts over launching his own label sometime in the near future.

V1. Let's begin with your latest collabo-release with Sebjak on Spinnin' Deep, titled ‘I Need A Friend‘. What's the feedback so far? Any interesting story behind it?

Matt Nash: Hey Panos, feedback on I Need A Friend‘ has been great so far! I've stayed in touch with Sebjak for a while since we did a collab back in 2015. We both had moved away from the harder EDM stuff and into a housier sounds so it felt right to work together again.

V2. To our delight, last year you returned on , along with the Italian trio Delayers and the track titled “Run“; four years after your mythical release ‘Starlight (Could You Be Mine)' with Don Diablo on the same label. How do you feel about this ‘double' achievement? Are both releases among your favorites?

Matt Nash: Both of these have been among my most favourite releases and always get the biggest reactions when I play them live.

V3. Last year, you also achieved another milestone; to hang a ' release on your music wall, in the form of a 2-track EP, titled ‘Generation Love'. It feels like any producer's fulfillment. Tell us more about it.

Matt Nash: The size EP came about as a suggestion from Steve. He had been supporting a lot of my releases in his sets, sometimes up to 3 in one show. I started sending him music for Size and he floated the idea of the EP, I was obviously down so got to work. I ended up spending maybe a year tweaking them.

V4. However, in 2016 you revealed ‘Know My Love‘ on Tiesto's label Musical Freedom, a track that triggered a new wave of sounds and influenced many other producers to create similar music. How much has your music style evolved over the last years?

Matt Nash: This track was a bit of a surprise to be honest! It was originally written around a different vocal and meant to be a collab with someone but luckily it fell thru. I wasn't expecting it to have the impact it did but from its first play from Tiesto at Tomorrowland and the surrounding ‘ID' buzz really set it up nicely. It definitely helped me dive into different sounds and move away from Groove a lot. I'm really happy I did as I feel I can be more creative and original in this new sound.

V5. Continuing your successful tenor of releases on elite labels, you closed 2017 with “Let You Gο” on Lowly Palace. So which label is next on target?

Matt Nash: LYG has been and continues to be a real surprise! Nearly all labels rejected this track but I really believed in it. Its done over 3million streams online as well as charting in #1 iTunes dance in Russia last week. Really goes to show that just because a certain DJ or label isn't feeling it doesn't mean it isn't a great track. Very happy that I decided to work with Lowly on this release.

V6. So what should we expect from Matt Nash in the rest of 2018 and beyond? Have you ever thought of launching your own label?

Matt Nash: I'm going to continue to try and be as creative as possible. With new music and tour the world 🙂 I have thought about starting my own label for a while. We are at a time where their is hundreds of labels to choose from. If I'm going to start a Label I really want to make sure I can deliver for myself and artists as I know the frustrating feeling artists going thru when a label does a very lacklustre job with pushing their music. But hey we will see where things go, its definitely a possibility in the future 😉

V7. If you could choose to collaborate with your favorite producer or idol, in the near future, who would that be?

Matt Nash: Inside dance music Id love to work with Axwell. Outside of dance music, even remixing or working together Id love to do something with Bon Iver.

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