Morgan Page – Exclusive Interview With The Grammy-nominated American Producer

GRAMMY-nominated DJ/Producer is ubiquitous within the dance music scene, since releasing “The Longest Road” in 2008 that lead him to his ‘breakthrough moment' as an artist. While charting numerous albums and songs on the Billboard and radio charts over the years, the American music artist has also performed landmark sets at festivals across the world , including the Coachella, , Electric Zoo, and Festival, as well as countless shows in the world's biggest clubs. Morgan Page hosts a weekly radio show “In The Air” which airs on national satellite broadcaster Sirius XM, but besides music, he is also driven by two other passions: the environment and technology. The Tesla-driving producer has installed solar panels on the roof of his home to power his studio. Viralbpm recently had a chance to sit with Morgan Page and chat about the part of his trilogy of EPs, “Born To Fly”, upcoming releases as part of the Armada family, future plans and special moments so far. 

V1. You have recently released a massive single with Superbowl Sensation Kaleena Zanders. How did this collaboration happen?

Morgan Page: Jayceeoh and I had been working on this amazing instrumental but we really felt it needed a vocal, so we brought in Kaleena and she did an incredible job. I've been a big fan of her releases with Dropgun.

V2. What was the initial inspiration and creative process behind the track?

Morgan Page: We started with a straight EDM banger but I ended up re-demoing it completely after Kaleena recorded her vocal. I added some arpeggiated power chords and piano progressions and it just clicked from there. It's different than my usual style – a bit more diva power to the vocal, and less ethereal and breathy.

V3. Next to that you just released your ‘Born To Fly EP'. Can you tell us a little bit more about this EP?

Morgan Page: Born To Fly is a bit more sultry – with a vibe. Britt Daley did the vocals on both Lovesong and Born To Fly – she's the voice from Running Wild. Definitely one to watch! Meiko did the vocals on Habit. Two very different kinds of vocalists, which is fun to showcase on one EP. I created “Habit” while on tour in China. Usually I find it hard to work on the road, but I brought along a SubPac which helped motivate me.

V4. Where are you currently at? Any future plans regarding 2018 you can already reveal to us?

Morgan Page: I'm in the studio gearing up for the next wave of music. I have lots of secret plans, but I'm doing some scoring for a few exciting tech companies. Expect a physical product from my “Morgan Page Quick Tips” brand – see and – and of course lots more music on Armada.

V5. 10 years ago, you released your first debut studio album via Nettwerk, Elevate. How would you describe the changes you might have gone through as an artist over these years?

Morgan Page: 2008 was a crazy year for music and the world in general. Dance music was becoming more melodic again, and more approachable – less about minimalism and being underground. Things changed quickly when I hired Deadmau5 to remix “The Longest Road” which garnered his first Grammy nod. This basically gave me permission to tour, and we both still play the song in our sets. Since then a lot has changed – I've experimented with a lot of different styles, EDM blew up and then corrected, and here we are.

V6. Do you have any favorite song or favorite album when you're looking back at your portfolio?

Morgan Page: We have to say that we still listen to “In The Air” from time to time, from start to finish. Yeah I'd say “In The Air” and “The Longest Road.” My most recent favorite is probably “Don't Give Up” or “Beautiful Disaster”.

V7. Could you name your highlight of your career so far and maybe also your most disappointing moment?

Morgan Page: Highlight would be getting nominated for a Grammy. Most disappointing moment is remixing Daft Punk and not having it approved (although it was an outside A&R handling the project).

V8. Do you have any special source of inspiration?

Morgan Page: Mainly coffee and running. I like to write down all my ideas and things that work in the studio, so that's basically what MP Quick Tips provides.


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