Sam Feldt

Sam Feldt & LVNDSCAPE are a match made in heaven in the form of ‘Know You Better’

It should be no surprise that the immense production talents of Sam Feldt and LVNDSCAPE make for an incredible combination, but the duo have really outdone themselves on feel-good summer anthem ‘Know You Better‘, out now on Spinnin’ Records.

From his very first track on, I’ve always been a big fan and supporter of ” says Feldt. “I still remember him posting his first track to SoundCloud when I was captivated by his unique sound immediately. Our styles blended together in the studio really well and I’m super happy to finally get this one released!

The track also features gorgeous vocals from an upcoming singer named Tessa, who really provides the icing on the cake for this glorious composition. “When I first heard Tessa’s beautiful and distinctive voice on a record around 1,5 years ago, I immediately reached out to her, asking for a collaboration. She luckily replied and with ‘Know You Better’ I believe we found the perfect track for her to sing on.

It was one of those occasions where everything happens naturally” says , “almost like the song was writing itself. Also, this song was completely created over the internet because of busy schedules!Tessa’s vocal begin the track in chilled style over soft piano chords, building gradually to the rousing chorus as the percussion picks up the energy. The drop slams into a spine-tingling main riff, a light plucky motif that can’t help but put a smile on your face. The final drop adds another layer underneath to give it more power, and the combination of Tessa’s sensual singing and the wonderful melodics cooked up by these two super-producers makes for a heady combo.

While the lyrics can be interpreted in lots of different ways, ‘Know You Better‘ is all about being genuinely interested in – and curious about someone” explains Feldt. “Everybody that has ever had a crush on someone or has been in love knows that desire all too well.

Coming just weeks after the success of recent single ‘Down For Anything’, this new track makes for a serious run of form for Sam Feldt. Aside from creating these immense productions, he’s also been busy hosting his own Heartfeldt Pool Party during Music Week, where joined him for a live rendition of ‘Down For Anything’. The event was a rousing success, completely sold out as last year’s event was, and it signals the promise of yet more Heartfeldt parties later this year.

Norwegian newcomer Tessa taught herself to play the piano and the guitar by watching YouTube tutorials, and featured in the 2016 edition of Norwegian Idol. Her earliest releases became viral sensations in Norway on Spotify, and her first collab came in 2017 with Swedish megastar DJ Mike Perry on Stay Young. She looks set for very big things indeed.

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