Poems - The Night Symphony

Orchestronic duo POEMS present their majestic Axtone interpretations on The Night Symphony [Free Download]

Following their Size Records interpretations on “The Night Symphony – Poems Present S-ZE [Chapter 1]”, which garnered positive feedbacks and support from Corey James, Ravenkis, Arias, , Havoc & Lawn and , POEMS put their magic on various hits released on Axtone Records, including tracks by the likes of , Shapov, , Will K, , Sovth, and -of course- Axwell.

Titled as “The Night Symphony – Poems Present AXTONE [Chapter 1]“, the Greek duo interpreted legendary releases, such as Kryder's “Crocodile Tears“, Axwell & Shapov & Years collab “Belong“, New_ID & Sovth team-up Step Inside“, Will K's “Café Leche” and “Sour Milk” fused, as well as the 100th record “Come Together” by Tom Staar.

To POEMS‘ delight, their new interpretations are already supported by all the artists, with Kryteria boss mentioning that Crocodile Tearssounds great and a completely different vibe”, Russian prodigy Shapov saying “I really love the idea with Belong” and Will K tweeting “Great work guys!“.

Without revealing much about themselves, enigmatic Poems have sat down with Viralbpm to talk about their inspirations, upcoming grandiose Axtone interpretations, future plans and premiere their first of their musical reinventions. Watch it here. “We wanted to combine two different music worlds together; ours with the ones we admire, such as Size Records and the label's music repertoire. We wanted to reveal the deeply well-worked music behind the ideas, which some times are lost by the beats and drops, resulting in shadowing their harmonic melodic lines, on which these magnificent masterpieces were based on“, they say.

Listen to their magnificent interpretations which once again reveal the melodies behind those masterpieces with the best way possible.

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