Lee Carter

WOOF Records return with Lee Carter & Arkayne track “Sum1”

Lee Carter and Arkayne debut on Nari & Milani‘s label WOOF Records with a massive production called “Sum1“. The release has a mix of organic rhythms, spiked sound effects, dirty grooves and powered by a big fat bass.

Before duo Nari &  separate their musical paths, had join forces with Kenn Colt to reveal the emotional “Come Back To Me” EP on their own imprint WOOF Records.

As the Italian bosses mention, Woof Records is a new trend, a movement which every release its free to express. Woof is looking for creativity. Woof is angry for quality. Woof is angry of Changes.

British Lee Carter‘s latest collabs were with his mate GVN, which proved of being successful with “Toxic” on ‘ label , “Higher“ on  a month ago, “Valar“ on Arcadia Records, as some great examples of his music offerings.

Listen to summerish track “Sum1” below and tell us your opinion.

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