Mesto Interview

Mesto – Exclusive Interview With The Dutch Rising Star

On the verge of conquering the electronic music world, Mesto is one of the youngest and brightest producers in the business today. From his work with Justin Mylo and his productions with Martin Garrix & Tiesto, to launching his own Messin’ Around radio show, the Dutch talent has been on an ongoing path toward tremendous success. Having already played at various international gigs, such as Daydream Festival in China just a few days ago, Mesto is on the road to become a well-known producer in the DJ scene all over the world. Viralbpm sat down with the Amsterdam native to talk about his ongoing Asia tour, wishlist of collabs, latest and future releases.

V1. You’ve been touring regularly for the last couple of years now! Your most recent “Messin Around On Tour” stop was in London, whereas you took part on the newly-anointed in on April. What’s your expectations from this upcoming show?

MESTO: It wan amazing! Asian crowds are always the best: super energetic and such good vibes. We’re actually filming a new Messin’ Around On Tour during the whole Asia tour, so will be in it as well for sure!

V2. Although you’re young enough, you have already releases on major labels, such as Spinnin’, Musical Freedom, Armada and Protocol, just to name a few. What’s the secret of your success? Any essential tip would you like to give to up-and-coming artists who are trying to make it in the scene? 

MESTO: There’s no secret for me. I think the main ‘rule’ is to have fun & enjoy what you do. I love making music, I love playing around the globe and that’s my drive. Just follow your heart and it will be ok (most used ‘secret’, but it’s true)

V3. You’ve recently delivered a remix for Sam Feldt’s “Just Dropped In” on Future House Music. How’s it goin’ in your sets? Tell us more about it.

MESTO: That’s true! Sam asked me to do a remix for that track, and when I heard it, I immidiately knew what I wanted to do with it. I already loved the original, so I tried to keep the same vibe it has, but in a mesto ‘jacket’.

V4. You’ve been experimenting with some genres and sub-genres of music but which is the one you admire at the moment and would like to produce in the future? 

MESTO: Yes. What I try to do most of the time is; don’t think in a box. I don’t make a track with just 1 element from a genre, but I just put a lot of elements from a lot of genre’s in one track. So you get a kind of new vibe. That’s what I love to do. A good example would be my collab with Martin Garrix ‘Bouncybob’ Or ‘WIEE’.

V5. Mesto, which other festival has been on your wish list that you would like to debut at, and If you could choose to collaborate with your favorite producer and idol, in the near future, who would that be?

MESTO: My wishlist for now is to play at or ultra. I’ve never been there in my entire life, but I’m always watching the livestreams and those enchant me a lot. On the road I don’t really listen to EDM or house music. I like to listen to John Mayer or Coldplay. Those are my real idols. I would love to work with one of them one day…

V6. What’s in store for 2018? Where do you see yourself this year? 

MESTO: In 2018 I’m going to release so much music. More than last year. I just released my collab with Tiesto. I have one coming up with Jay Hardway, Felix Jaehn & Curbi. I also have a lot of solo releases planned so hopefully this year is going to be crazy.

V7. How did the social media affect your personal life, but also your career as an artist? Is it important in order to cultivate a relationship with your fanbase? Which platform is your favorite one? 

MESTO: I love to communicate with my fanbase. Without them I wouldn’t be here of course. I love to use instagram. With this platform I can totally be myself. This is also the only platform where it’s 100% ‘me’ that’s posting. Ofcourse sometimes social media can be really effective, but I try to keep it as positive as it can be!

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