SNAVS – Exclusive Interview With The Danish Versatile Producer

Copenhagen-based producer and DJ-artist Snavs creates a forward-thinking, uncompromising and interesting combination of trap and future bass, that allows him to be extremely dynamic and divers in his sound design. Having released tracks on Monstercat, Tiesto's Musical Freedom, and the iconic dance label, Spinnin' Records, this young Danish producer has his eyes set on global fame by establishing his own imprint . Snavs‘ music has been +50 million times on all platforms and counting more than 600.000 downloads, while he has played sold out shows in Australia, Europe, US and more recently in Daydream Festival China. Viralbpm sat down with Snavs to discuss about his forthcoming album “SS18“, upcoming Riotville releases and the role of social media in his career. 

V1. Let's start with your appearance at newly-anointed in China. What's your impressions from this show?

Snavs: I was really looking forward to this show, as I'd heard it sold a lot of tickets and I know how hard the Chinese crowd go! It was a massive show with lots of energy!

V2. Since Daydream Festival is a major event, should we expect to hear some new tunes from you there?

Snavs: I definitely played some songs from my forthcoming album “SS18“ and some of my old songs, as well as and my newest single “Lust“.

V3. Have you been to China before or you're about to experience the Chinese crowd's energy for the 1st time?

Snavs: Nope I've had an awesome 10 date tour in China last year, amazing country, amazing culture but the crowds energy is the best thing about China.

V4. Snavs, you're recently revealed ¨Lust”, the first single off your upcoming full length album “SS18”. Tell us more about your new track and the other productions included in the LP.

Snavs: “SS18“ will be my first full-length album. I'm really psyched about doing an album. My biggest project so far. The album format allows me to be more experimental with different genres, you will hear some psy trance, dubstep, trap, pop and some indie.

V5. What's in store for your label Riotville Records in 2018 and where do you see yourself this year?

Snavs: We got some massive tunes coming out on Riotville Records, our only goal with the label is to release good music. So I expect that in one year from now, we have release even more good music.

V6. How did the social media affect your personal life, but also your career as an artist? Is it important in order to cultivate a relationship with your fanbase? Which platform is your favorite one?

Snavs: Social media is a natural and important part of being an artist these days. But I believe that the music always will be the first and foremost important thing for building a career. Not sure everybody shares that opinion haha!

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