BAUNS Interview

BAUNS – Exclusive Interview With The Danish Newcomer

Although he started recording weird stuff about 10 ago, while shuffling through every possible genre in the electronic universe, BAUNS hurtled onto the scene just recently keeping his identity under a mysterious veil. A very down-to-earth Danish guy, also known as Mikkel Feldt Baunsgaard, who just loves to make music and eat sweets, bursted into 2018 with his beautiful debut single “Settle Down”. Mainly inspired by his Scandinavian roots, BAUNS‘ music style blurs the lines of Mura Masa’s dry organic sound, Flume’s soundscape and the pianist Ludovico Einaudi’s melodic work. Viralbpm sat sown with the Danish talent BAUNS to discuss about his influences, upcoming tracks and future plans.

V1. You’ve hurtled onto the scene keeping your identity under a mysterious veil. So who’s behind BAUNS?

BAUNS: A very down-to-earth danish guy, who just loves to make music and eat sweets. BAUNS is the first part of my surname which is Baunsgaard. I really liked that it was a personal artist name and then its just easy that it sounds like ‘’bounce’’ when you pronounce it.

V2. How did you start recording your own tracks? Any key-persons that were really supportive on your journey as an artist?

BAUNS: I started recording weird stuff about 10 ago and i’ve been shuffling through every possible genre in the electronic universe. I’ve even done some classical stuff too, and I really like to experiment with every genre really. Then I found my way 2-3 years back when i got really into guys like Mura Masa, Flume and Kasbo. They had their own sound and they really inspired me to make more personal music.

V3. You’re kicking off this year with “Settle Down”. Are you satisfied with the final result?

BAUNS: It’s funny how sometimes things just fall into place. I was on a 7 day trip to Stockholm with sessions everyday and the artist i was gonna work with the last day was sick, so the songwriter I worked with called up a guy he knew and then we wrote and recorded this really weird beautiful song in a matter of hours. The song is a story about an artistic soul who is homesick and kinda lost. I’m really happy and proud about this track.

V4. Have your Scandinavian roots inspired you?

BAUNS: I was a big fan of Swedish House Mafia and i’ve watched their two documentaries about a thousand times. Always a great inspiration to watch their first documentary and then go straight into production mode. And then it’s just so inspiring to watch guys like Cashmere Cat and Kasbo make it big and work with the likes of Kanye West and Sia and those big artists.

V5. Your sound blurs the lines of BAUNS of Mura Masa’s dry organic sound, Flume’s soundscape and the pianist Ludovico Einaudi’s melodic work. Tell us more about your influences.

BAUNS: I have a lot of influences but mostly it comes down to the melodies and how the songs make you feel. I just admire artists who can make you in a certain mood through their songs or make you feel something whether it’s through the lyrics, instruments or production.

V6. Name some producers or singers you’d like to collaborate with in the future!

BAUNS: I really want to do something with Mura Masa or Kasbo producer wise someday. Singer wise I’d like to work with fellow dane Soleima someday, and I think our sounds are a bit alike. When I look outside the borders I really like Tash Sultana and Maggie Rogers atm who both produce and sing. Troye Sivan has a very electronic sound too, and I really like his stuff too.

V7. What are you plans for the future? Any upcoming tracks or collabs we should know about?

BAUNS: I’ve got so much music coming out this year. My next single will most likely be released late next month and then i’m working on a collab with Gill Chang, who I really look up to. A lot of exciting stuff to happen.

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