Corey James Andero - No Way Out

Corey James drops his highly-anticipated collab with Andero “No Way Out”

Quickly establishing a reputation as one of the most promising producers on the circuit, British star Corey James has unveiled his brand new collab with Swedish talent Andero, titled “No Way Out”.

Following his latest groove packed collab ‘12 O'Clock' on  with the Spanish talents of Crusy and Jose De Mara,  keeps on releasing in 2018 some of his most in-demand tracks.

Among those highly-anticipated tracks that have been kept as Corey James exclusives in his own sets for quite a while, was also his collab with , titled “Eros“; an ID formerly known also as “World Goes Dark“.

UK-favourite Corey James' 2018 releases are consistently gaining attention for all the right reasons.

To date, Corey James has remixed Nicky Romero & 's ‘Only For Your Love', he has also signed another anthem to Steve Angello's ‘Size Records', entitled ‘Arlanda'.

Two months ago, Corey James returned once again to Nicky Romero‘s imprint Protocol Recordings with his latest single ‘Find You' featuring Nino Lucarelli.

Been keeping this one exclusive in my sets for quite a while but I think it's time #Andero and I share it with the world! Out this Friday, full preview on my page →

— Corey James (@ImCoreyJames) April 4, 2018

Listen to the powerful progressive gem of Corey James and Andero “No Way Out” below and tell us your opinion.

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