Luca Schreiner

Luca Schreiner – Exclusive Interview With The German Newcomer

After being behind the curtains as a music producer for some time now, Luca Schreiner decided to give it a shot and stepped out of the background with huge success. With releases on labels like Universal, Def Jam, Ultra, Sony, Ultra and Armada just to name a few, along with amazing performances at some of the biggest festivals and clubs of the world, including World Club Dome and Marquee New York next to artists like Oliver Heldens, Don Diablo, Felix Jaehn, Kungs and Jonas Blue, the German talent has a lot of important achievements under his belt over the last years.

Luca Schreiner‘s numbers are also incredible, as he has reached over 50 million Streams on alone and even more on other platforms with his variations and style balancing between classic deep house, tropical influences and elements of progressive house. Viralbpm sat down for an interview with young producer Luca Schreiner to discuss about his latest releases, music tools and studio setups, upcoming tracks and biggest moments in his career so far.

V1. You have a lot of important achievements under your belt over the last years. Releases on labels like Ultra and Armada, amazing performances alongside heavyweights like Oliver Heldens and Don Diablo. How do things and moments like these make artists feel, after having dedicated so much in their careers?

Luca Schreiner: It’s crazy sometimes how things come so fast. Probably all of us DJ’s & producers dream of playing the big stages and working with some of the labels you mentioned – that’s what I’ve always dreamed of too. I’m so happy that I have now the chance to share the stage with these amazing artists and to be working with these fantastic and well established labels. Funny thing is, my first big major deal happened when I didn’t expected it at all to happen. I guess that how it goes sometimes.

V2. You have over 50 million streams, which obviously sounds and is an amazing number. What do you think about streaming services in general? Is this the future of music in general?

Luca Schreiner: Definitely, I feel like it’s not that big of a secret anymore that Streaming is the future of the music industry. I always loved the idea of Streaming and I think it especially gives unknown artists the chance to get heard, since the algorithm detects good music no matter if you’re signed to a big label or just release it independently.

V3. What are you currently working on? Anything you can already reveal to us?

Luca Schreiner: I’m working on some big official remixes as well as new originals, which hopefully come out very soon! I also have released a big official remix for pop-queen Kelly Clarkson ‘I Don’t Think About You’ on Atlantic Records.

V4. Is there a particular big moment in your career, which you keep on recalling from time to time?

Luca Schreiner: Yes, there’s actually one moment I recall from time to time. It was my first time playing at the World Club Dome in Frankfurt, which is one of the biggest festivals in Germany but also in Europe in general I think. I remember going to that festival as a visitor two years in row before I finally had the chance to play there in 2016. I was so proud to be mentioned in the line-up and I still think of that from time to time.

V5. Luca Schreiner how did you start recording your own tracks and remixes?

Luca Schreiner: I’m not musically trained at all, so I really had to start from scratch. So I basically learned everything about production by trial & error and by watching tons of music production tutorials on YouTube. I’m still a huge fan of learning new stuff by watching YouTube tutorials.

V6. Which tools and setups are you using in the studio for recording your music, but also for playing live on your big gigs?

Luca Schreiner: I have a pretty standard setup, with only a MIDI-Keyboard, two KRK monitors and a laptop. Most of the magic is probably in my laptop I would say. Producing with a laptop helps a lot I think, since you’re not limited and can work on new music no matter if you’re on tour or anything.

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