I Don’t Think About You
Luca Schreiner

Luca Schreiner Remix Kelly Clarkson’s “I Don’t Think About You”

German producer, Luca Schreiner, remixed one of Kelly Clarkson‘s pieces, “I Don’t Think About You,” off her latest album, Meaning of Life.

Luce Schreiner’s moving rendition takes the original to new heights with an uptempo melody, intriguing beat, and edgy vocal distortions.

The alluring remix flaunts the producer’s seamless production technique by incorporating his own stylistic elements while maintaining the balance of ’s iconic sound.

“I loved working on this remix since I’ve always been a big fan of Kelly’s work. The original was quiet and slow, so I tried to bring in a little more tempo and movement with my remix. I feel like it has a unique combination now of slow and ballad type parts but also uplifting dance-pop parts at the same time.” – 

Luca Schreiner is known for his dynamic, colorful style that is featured in both his originals and remixes such as “Out My Mind” and “Heart Won’t Forget.”

His playful, infectious melodies and captivating beats give an unforgettable edge to each of his creations.

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