Stephan Duy

Stephan Duy lands on Code Red with “Jaipur”

Marcus Schossow‘s label Code Red Music has always been dedicated to the pursuit of artists with a fresh sound. Stephan Duy clearly fits the bill. An up-and-comer from Sweden, he makes his major label debut with a smashing single titled “Stephan Duy – Jaipur”.

The record immediately caught the ears of mastermind and groove house aficionado Kryder, who spun the record as part of the 125th episode of his worldwide Kryteria show.

Moreover, “Stephan Duy – Jaipur” brings the warmth of the Indian city for which it is named to life. With an entrancing vocal chant, Stephan Duy immediately draws the listener in with a captivating and tantalizing introduction.

Then, Stephan Duy uses his magic touch to really get the groove going. A pulsating bassline is the clear highlight of this creation, combining tastefully with subtle percussion to compose this masterpiece.

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