Armada Subject and ATFC & David Penn discover first feline dance music superstar: ‘Hipcats’

#1 in Traxsource's main chart, #1 in Beatport's House chart, #12 in the Miami Buzz chart and #13 in the Cool Cuts chart ­– if you haven't yet heard of the exploits of this emerging superstar, you now know that you need to pay attention. Discovered by Anglo-Spanish hit producers ATFC & David Penn and snatched up by all-around groove provider Armada Subjekt, ‘Hipcats' is ready to conquer the world of dance music at hurricane-like intensity.

Adding fuel to the fire of the new single, ‘Hipcats' stars in the song's music video to take fans on a tour through the HQ of Amsterdam-based record label Armada Music.

Guided by the record's funk-infused bassline and eruptive vocals, ‘Hipcats' made sure fans will be purring all night long through a mind-boggling music video and equally impressive tune.

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