Steve Angello

Steve Angello releases ‘Nothing Scares Me Anymore’ from forthcoming album ‘HUMAN’

Steve Angello has crafted a sweeping original in ”Nothing Scares Me Anymore” on Size Records, released ahead of his upcoming album HUMAN on April 27th. Beginning with dramatic orchestral progressions and moving vocals, minimalist percussion builds into a whirlwind of groovy waves of bass, prominent horns, and mellow beats.

Featuring grammy award winning artist, Sam Martin, “Nothing Scares Me Anymore” shows off Steve Angello's flawless production technique with a chilling, highly emotive style.

With the hype surrounding a possible reunion of the iconic trio, Swedish House Mafia, at Ultra Miami, Steve Angello adds fuel to the fire with his most recent creation, keeping fans anxiously awaiting for the to be confirmed.

Only time will tell if Swedish House Mafia makes the long-awaited appearance on the mainstage, but in the meantime, “Nothing Scares Me Anymore” will be on repeat.

This is Steve Angello at his best and the strings throughout this track just make it something of mass proportion. One of the best productions all around of 2018 so far.

Pre-save “Nothing Scares Me Anymore” from the upcoming album, HUMAN, out on April 27 here and be entered for a chance to win lifetime VIP passes to any Steve Angello show:

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