Frank Pole Interview

Frank Pole – Exclusive Interview With The Italian Breakout Talent

Breakout dance music act Frank Pole saw rapid success this past years with his releases on labels, including his biggest original hit to date, “Anything” feat. Greyson Chance, but also his collab with Swedish star Manse ‘A Little Bit Closer',  “Remember You” feat. Knightly and the latest single ‘”Work This Out“’ feat. Vitø. Hailing from Italy, the up-and-coming producer, also known as Francesco Rossini, began his career by remixing some of the biggest artists, such as , Tinashe, , & Jain. Continuing to create a name for himself in the electronic/pop space with over 6 million streams and regular plays for some of his singles, the demand for Frank Pole‘s originals grown rapidly. While traveling between two continents, splitting his time between Los Angeles and Italy writing and producing music for his project, Viralbpm sat down with Frank Pole to talk with about his career so far and future plans!

V1. Thank you for taking your time for an interview with us. Where are you currently at?

Frank Pole: Thank you guys for supporting my music every time. I'm in Italy right now. I have my home studio in my hometown and I always finish producing my tracks here. No matter where the song is written, it has to pass the “final test” in my studio.

V2. Frank Pole had an awesome release on Armada Trice titled “Work This Out”, so we wonder if you could describe the creative process behind this tune.

Frank Pole: A year ago Vitø contacted me and he sent me a bunch toplines. They were great but they were a little different from what I had in mind for Frank Pole. So after a few months he sent me a new topline saying that he wrote it just for me, and Work This Out started from there. I really enjoyed producing the track: when you have a good vocal the production is genuine. This track was finished long time ago, I'm happy that it's finally out!

V3. On what else are you currently working on?

Frank Pole: I'm working on a lot of tracks, most of them are basically pop: I often spend some time in Los Angeles surrounded my amazing songwriters. I love to write songs from scratch and guide the singer into something I like. But I want to experience something new too, so don't be shocked if I release a few EDM songs in the future.

V4. How did the collaboration between Armada, The Bearded Man and you happen?

Frank Pole: The truth is that my music made the difference. I heard a lot of new producers saying that it's basically impossible to get signed on big labels, but that's not true. Everyday I see Armada releasing songs from upcoming producers: they cares about the music, if that's is good nothing else matters. By the way I have to thanks my manager and Cultiv8 for the huge help.

V5. How would you describe 2017 as a year for you as an artist, but also as a person?

Frank Pole: 2017 was a year of growth. I'm not saying this because it sounds cool, I really mean it. I improved a lot as a producer. Every time I work in the studio I feel I'm getting better, and making music is fun again. I understood that good music comes only when you're enjoying doing it. Songs can really reflect the artist's feelings, even in the dance genre.

V6. Is the buzz around your name, with the critical acclaim you received for your work or the millions of streams you gather with your releases, stress you as an artist? Or are these kind of achievements pushing you to work even harder?

Frank Pole: Music industry can be stressful sometimes and writer's block is always lurking, but the answer is simple: do what makes you happy. If you're not enjoying doing your job it's obvious that you get stressed. I'm in love with every song I put out, I don't release tracks that don't fully convince me. That's what pushes me forward, I want to keep the quality of my songs high. I really feel proud of myself every time. But nothing is like when I see people loving my music: that's the best feeling.

V7. How would you describe your sound in one sentence?

Frank Pole: Every Frank Pole release is a declaration of love to music. Damn, deep stuff today.

V8. How did the social media affect your personal life, but also your career as an artist? Is it important in order to cultivate a relationship with your fanbase? Which platform is your favorite one?

Frank Pole: I like to show my fans that Frank Pole is an ordinary guy: people loves it cause they're not afraid to interact with you. For example, instead of saying “I love your music” they say “I love your music, how's your day?”. You know what I mean? I try to reply every time: music connects people, but personal interactions work better. Instagram is my favourite, but twitter is great too. With these two socials you can really be in direct contact with your fans.

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