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Miami Ammunition EP
Miami Ammunition EP

Staar Traxx presents Miami Ammunition EP

After having ended 2017 with the massive track “Windmills” by Havoc & Lawn, Rocket Pengwin & Danusk and started the year with “Burning Sun” by Nico De Andrea & Pete DashTom Staar‘s label Staar Traxx return to Miami Music Week 2018 with a collection of certified dance floor weapons!

The Miami Ammunition EP” is a pack of essential house music to welcome in the coming summer season.

has enrolled six of the finest up-and-coming talents for tribal and groovy vibes, including , , , , and .

The EP consists of two solo productions, titled “The Underground” and “Banshee“,  and the two collabo-tracks “Marimba” and “Tell Me“.

Listen to “The Miami Ammunition EP” tracks below and tell us your opinion.

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