Spring Sampler

Code Black release “Spring Sampler” collection

Having revealed his upcoming release on Marcus Schossow‘s label on an interview with Viralbpm last year, Portuguese Falco has joined forces with French Carter Grey to unleash “Ghana” on massive “Spring Sampler” collection on Code Black, which also includes “Tre Gringos” by Dawiid & Josef K and Brosef.

This new track follows Discoplex release on Marcus Schossow‘s newly-established imprint dedicated to cuts Code Black with the two-track EP “Valahr” and “Space”.

Code Black kicked off this year with Marcus Schossow’s Englafjord alias to deliver “Alone Out There” with deep, dark basslines and eerie vocals.

With african inspired deep but ethnic vibes, “Ghana” is included on Code Black‘s massive “Spring Sampler” collection featuring also Dawiid and Josef K & Brosef with their collab “Tre Gringos“.

Listen to “Spring Sampler” below and tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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